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API Method: add_teacher

Add a teacher

Adding a teacher account is primary to use any WizIQ API.

End point URL



This method requires authentication.

Parameter Type Description Example
name Required Name of the teacher Mike Lar
email Required Email of the teacher mike@example.com
password Required Set Password for teacher xxxxxx
image Optional The image path where teacher image is placed D:\Teachers list\mike.jpg
phone_number Optional Teacher’s work phone number +1 xxxxxxxxxx
mobile_number Optional Teacher’s mobile number +1 xxxxxxxxxx
time_zone Optional Teacher’s time zone America/Chicago
about_the_teacher Optional About the teacher Online Facilitator and Teacher, British Columbia, Canada
can_schedule_class Optional Default will be False False
is_active Optional Default will be True True

Response XML Example

<rsp status="ok" call_id="72fe7bbe8df0">
  <add_teacher status="true">

Error Codes

1057 - Teacher Email ID is required.

1058 - Please pass valid name parameter not more than 50 characters.

1059 - Password with Spaces, with less than 6 characters length and more than 15 characters is not allowed.

1060 - Please pass valid mobile number with country code or leave blank. For example:+44 9999999999.

1061 - Please pass valid work phone with country code or leave blank. For example:+44 9999999999.

1062 - This option is not available in your account. For more information please contact support@wiziq.com.

1063 - Your account has reached maximum limit of teachers. To add more teachers please contact sales@wiziq.com.

1064 - Teacher Email ID already exists.

1065 - Invalid file format. Only jpg, jpeg, png, gif are allowed.

1066 - Please pass valid teacher id.

1067 - Please pass valid email ID.

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