API Overview

The WizIQ Virtual Classroom is an online teaching platform you can integrate with your website, CMS, or LMS through our REST APIs. These APIs enable organizations, teachers, and learners to connect to the virtual classroom from any site, offering real-time collaboration and two-way communication.

Once your website is Virtual Classroom-Enabled, you can manage powerful, synchronous Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), allowing your teachers or instructors to reach any number of learners around the globe. Through your VLE, teachers and instructors can also schedule classes or training sessions, view and download recordings, get attendance reports, upload and delete files from your Content Library, and manage the teachers in your WizIQ Organization Account. All without needing to log on to another site.

Manage teachers from your website

Manage teachers directly from your website and sync your account with WizIQ admin console. You can add and manage your teachers directly from your website through WizIQ API methods. You do not need to login to WizIQ.com in order to add/edit/delete your teacher accounts.

With Teacher API, you can

  • Add teachers to your WizIQ account.
  • Edit teachers by changing their name/email id/password/contact number/profile image/time zone.
  • Enable or disable schedule class permissions from teachers.
  • View the list of the teachers you have added.
  • Activate/de-activate any teacher account anytime.

Access virtual classroom from your website

Access virtual classroom directly from your website and create a perfect teaching-learning environment.

Virtual Classroom features include:

  • Multi-way audio chat (any number of attendees can speak at the same time).
  • 6 live video streams for chat or presenters.
  • Text chat with emoticons and colors for context.
  • Content sharing (Doc, PPT, XLS, PDF, Videos, etc.) for a more media-rich learning experience.
  • A whiteboard with browser-like tabs.
  • Co-branding to add your company’s stamp on your classes.
  • Co-branding to add your company’s stamp on your classes.
  • A multi-language class interface.

API users can test their system and devices for Virtual Classroom readiness by visiting http://www.wiziq.com/info/technical-requirement.aspx.

Manage content from your website

It is easier to upload and manage content directly from your website through WizIQ REST API. Access to teaching content files like lecture notes, video tutorials, audio files, e-books, pdfs, etc., facilitates the teaching–learning process.

What's more?

  • Upload the content files (ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx, pdf, swf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, flv, mp3,wav, wma, mov, avi, mpeg, wmv) in folders and sub folders
  • Make the content public (access to all the teachers in your organization) or private (access to a specific teacher)
  • Find the content list synchronized in the Content library inside the virtual classroom
  • Delete a particular content file anytime

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