Get API Keys

To access the WizIQ Virtual Classroom API, you must have API credentials, which are a combination of an Access Key and a Secret Key.

To obtain an API key, you need to upgrade your account. Contact our sales team here.

Access Key

An Access Key is a character string that uniquely identifies a WizIQ account.

For example: 022QF06E7MXBSH9DHM02

You must include an Access Key with all API requests.

Secret Key

A Secret Key is a character string known only to you and WizIQ.

For example: kWcrlUX5JEDGM/LtmEENI/aVmYvHNif5zB+d9+ct

The Secret Key is used to calculate the signature sent with every valid API request. It is never transmitted as part of API requests.

See the User Authentication section of the API documentation for more information.

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