1. What is an API?

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of programming instructions and standards. Each software or web application has its own APIs to define how other software applications should interact with it.

2. What is the WizIQ Virtual Classroom API?

WizIQ offers an API for the WizIQ Virtual Classroom, for those who want to integrate this web application with their website, CMS, or LMS. This API allows you to do the following directly from your site:

  • Access class activities
  • Schedule and manage classes
  • Conduct classes
  • View attendance reports
  • View class recordings

The WizIQ Virtual Classroom API uses HTTP, the same protocol web sites and browsers use to interact.

3. What WizIQ Virtual Classroom API pricing plans are available?

WizIQ offers customized plans and pricing to suit your needs. To assist in choosing the best plan for you, fill out our Contact Us form, and our sales team will respond with details.

4. How do I use the WizIQ Virtual Classroom API?

Once you’ve purchased your WizIQ Virtual Classroom pricing plan and obtained your keys, you’re ready to integrate the WizIQ Virtual Classroom with your website. Start by consulting the API documentation. Here you’ll find information such as:

5. How do I get WizIQ Virtual Classroom API Keys?

Once you’ve purchased your WizIQ Virtual Classroom API upgrade (see the sections "What API pricing plans are available?"), a member of the sales team will email both of your keys.

Note: For more on WizIQ Virtual Classroom API keys, see here.

6. How do I report bugs?

For reporting bugs, write to our support team at support@wiziq.com.

7. How do I suggest new features?

To suggest new features for WizIQ products, contact the WizIQ support team by emailing support@wiziq.com.

For enquiries: Live Chat -or- Contact us

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