Status pings

If you need to know the current status of a content, the WizIQ Virtual Classroom API offers the upload method's status_ping_url parameter. When these objects are available, a ping is sent through the POST method to the URL you supplied in the request. You can access these parameters using the form collection for the results page.

For example, in C# you can get the content_id parameter from the results with the following code:

string content_id= Request.Form['content_id'].ToString();

Status ping parameters

The following table details the parameters provided by a status ping, requested through status_ping_url.

Parameter Description Example
content_id The unique ID assigned to this content by WizIQ. Always included in the results. 11979
content_status The current status of this content. See the next table for the list of possible statuses. true

Possible content_status values

The following table details the possible values of content_status_ping's content_status parameter.

Value Description
content_status=true conversion sucessfull.

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