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API Method: upload

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This method requires authentication.

Parameter Type Description Example
file_upload Required Upload Selected file(ppt,doc,xls etc). stream file
title Required The name (title) of the content. presentation
presenter_id Optional This is the unique ID of the presenter that will identify the presenter. 101
return_url Optional The URL users will be directed to when the content upload finishes. http://example.com/url
status_ping_url Optional The content upload status. See here for parameters. http://example.com/url
folder_path Optional The path for storage of content. Folder1/Folder2/Folder3
access_level Optional level of your content i.e private(1) or public(2). 1

Response XML Example

<rsp status="ok">
  <upload status="true">

Error Codes

1001 - presenter_id parameter is missing.

1002 - presenter_name parameter is missing.

1013 - No record found.

1014 - title parameter is missing.

1030 - presenter_email parameter is missing.

1031 - presenter_email is not valid.

1039 - content_id parameter is missing.

1040 - The file size exceeds the allowed size.

1045 - Invalid folder_path.

1046 - presenter_email is not valid for this package.

1047 - presenter_id and presenter_name are not valid for this package.

1048 - Duplicate presenter_id can't be accepted.

1049 - The file type is not allowed.

1052 - Maximum title characters length is 70.

1054 - Admin cannot upload a public content for teachers.

1055 - Invalid access level.

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