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API Method: view_schedule

View class details

If you’re unsure of what a particular set of values will produce, our API Explorers can help. First create your example class with the create_perma_class method’s API Explorer. Then, use the assigned class_master_id in the view_schedule method’s API Explorer.

End point URL



This method requires authentication.

Parameter Type Description Example
class_master_id Required Required for permanent class. The unique ID assigned to the class by WizIQ. 4552
page_size Optional This field indicates page size of the content. 10
page_number Optional This field indicates page no of the content. 1

Response XML Example

<rsp status="ok" call_id="b06cd0d6897b">
  <view_schedule status="true">
      <class_details perma_class="true">
        <class_title>English Class 01</class_title>

Error Codes

1025 - page_size parameter cannot exceed 100.

1086 - class_master_id parameter is empty/invalid.

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