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API Method: create_recurring

Schedule a recurring class

If you’re unsure of what a particular set of values will produce, experiment using the create_recurring method’s API Explorer.

End point URL



This method requires authentication.

Select when class repeats:

Parameter Type Description Example
title Required The name (title) of the class. English Class
start_time Required The class's start time. Format is MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS, but if HH:MM is sent, the WizIQ Virtual Classroom appends :00. 12/12/2012 12:12
class_repeat_type Required Repeat type of class. Values can be from 1 to 5. 1 for daily(All 7 days), 2 for 6 days(Mon-Sat), 3 for 5 days(Mon-Fri), 4 for Weekly, 5 for Once every month 1
class_occurrence Required Number of recurring classes to schedule. Required only when class_end_date parameter is not given. 4
class_end_date Required End date of recurring series. Required only when class_occurrence parameter is not given. 09/30/2013
presenter_email Required This is the unique email of the presenter that will identify the presenter in WizIQ. Learn more. teacherinme@gmail.com
language_culture_name Optional Language culture name for class. en-us
extend_duration Optional Extend class time duration in minutes 15
duration Optional How long the class is scheduled for, in minutes. Default is 60 minutes. 45
time_zone Optional The Time Zone that applies to this class. The default is GMT. America/Chicago
attendee_limit Optional The maximum number of attendees allowed in the class. The default is 2. 2
presenter_default_controls Optional Default controls available to the presenter in WizIQ Virtual Classroom. There are two possible values: audio and video. audio, video
attendee_default_controls Optional Default controls available to the attendee in WizIQ Virtual Classroom. There are two possible values: audio and writing. audio, writing
create_recording Optional Whether to record the class or not. Possible values: true (record) or false (don't record). Default is false. true
return_url Optional The URL users will be directed to when the class finishes. www.example.com
status_ping_url Optional The class's status. See here for parameters. www.example.com

Response XML Example

<rsp status="ok" call_id="72fe7bbe8df0">
  <create_recurring status="true">
      <is_recurring value="1">
        <recurring_summary><![CDATA[Your recurring series starts on 10/23/2013 at 05:00 and repeats daily (all 7 days)]]></recurring_summary>

Error Codes

1003 - Specified time_zone parameter is not available.

1004 - start_time parameter cannot precede current datetime.

1005 - Invalid start_time parameter.

1010 - duration parameter cannot exceed #MaxClassMinutes# minutes.

1011 - attendee_limit parameter cannot exceed #MaxUserPerClass# attendees.

1012 - Only #MaxConcurrentClass# simultaneous classes are allowed.

1014 - title parameter is missing.

1019 - start_time parameter is missing.

1022 - Datetime is not in valid format.

1030 - presenter_email parameter is missing.

1031 - presenter_email is not valid.

1032 - You have already scheduled a class for the current time.

1043 - The language is invalid or unsupported in the VC.

1081 - class_repeat_type parameter is empty/invalid.

1082 - class_occurrence / class_end_date parameter is empty/invalid.

1083 - specific_week / days_of_week parameter is empty/invalid.

1084 - monthly_date parameter is empty/invalid.

1085 - monthly_day / monthly_week_day parameter is empty/invalid.

1087 - rdo_by_date / rdo_by_day parameter is empty/invalid.

1090 - extend_duration parameter is empty or invalid.

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