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API Method: create

Schedule a class

If you’re unsure of what a particular set of values will produce, experiment using the create method’s API Explorer.

End point URL



This method requires authentication.

Parameter Type Description Example
title Required The name (title) of the class. English Class
start_time Required The class's start time. Format is MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS, but if HH:MM is sent, the WizIQ Virtual Classroom appends :00 12/13/2012 13:30
presenter_email Required This is the unique email of the presenter that will identify the presenter in WizIQ. Learn more. teacherT3@mailinator.net
language_culture_name Optional Language culture name for class. en-us
extend_duration Optional Extend class time duration in minutes 15
duration Optional How long the class is scheduled for, in minutes. Default is 60 minutes. 45
time_zone Optional The Time Zone that applies to this class. The default is GMT. America/Chicago
attendee_limit Optional The maximum number of attendees allowed in the class. The default is 2. 2
presenter_default_controls Optional Default controls available to the presenter in WizIQ Virtual Classroom. There are two possible values: audio and video.(Note : Not applicable for WebRTC class) audio, video
attendee_default_controls Optional Default controls available to the attendee in WizIQ Virtual Classroom. There are two possible values: audio and writing.(Note : Not applicable for WebRTC class) audio, writing
create_recording Optional Whether to record the class or not. Possible values: true (record) or false (don't record). Default is false. true
return_url Optional The URL users will be directed to when the class finishes. http://example.com/url
status_ping_url Optional The class's status. See here for parameters. http://example.com/url

Response XML Example

<rsp status="ok" call_id="g7hj8h2dgty4">
  <create status="true">

Error Codes

1003 - Specified time_zone parameter is not available.

1004 - start_time parameter cannot precede current datetime.

1005 - Invalid start_time parameter.

1010 - duration parameter cannot exceed #MaxClassMinutes# minutes.

1011 - attendee_limit parameter cannot exceed #MaxUserPerClass# attendees.

1012 - Only #MaxConcurrentClass# simultaneous classes are allowed.

1014 - title parameter is missing.

1019 - start_time parameter is missing.

1022 - Datetime is not in valid format.

1030 - presenter_email parameter is missing.

1031 - presenter_email is not valid.

1032 - You have already scheduled a class for the current time.

1043 - The language is invalid or unsupported in the VC.

1090 - extend_duration parameter is empty or invalid.

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