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API Method: add_copresenter

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This method requires authentication.

After creating a class from REST API, you need to invoke add_copresenter(), which required same Keys + ClassID with registered Presenter Id’s.

Parameter Type Description Example
class_id Required ClassID of the class to which co-presenter should be added. 12345
presenter_list Required The list of the presenters, in XML format. Presenter_list XML

Note : Before you execute this method you need to perform below steps:

1.You first have to make sure that you use create method using same presenter_id and name which will be later used in co presenter. This step authenticate that presenter to be eligible to be added as a co presenter.

2. Presenter_id used in create method and presenter_id used in the co_presenter method can’t be the same.

3. Any New presenter_id used in co_presenter will not work, It has to pass through point 1

Response XML Example

<rsp status="ok" call_id="cf31674a2267">
  <add_copresenter status="true">

Error Codes

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